Crash Course Kids

These 5th Grade Science Lessons covering Earth Science, Physical Science, Biology, Geography, Engineering, and Astronomy are suitable for younger children also.


Crash Course Kids in Order

1.1 Gotta Eat

1.2 Classifying Organisms

2.1 Resources: Welcome to the neighbourhood

2.2 Resources: How to get Resources

3.1 What’s Matter

3.2 Particles of your world

4.1 Defining Gravity

4.2 Down the Earth

5.1 Here comes the Sun

5.2 Vegetation Transformation

6.1 Four Spheres: Part One Geo and Bio

6.2 Four Spheres: Part Two Hydro and Atmo

7.1 Fabulous Food Chains



Space Compilation

5.1 Here comes the Sun

25.1 Spaced Out

25.2 Star Personalities

31.1 Super Stars



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