We’ve been using the Mathseeds program for a couple of years now and have found it good. It follows the same format as Reading Eggs. Your child does a placement test and then works through lessons in each map. Each lesson has a number of parts where concepts are explained and then learnt through games. At the end of each lesson is a quiz to test the knowledge learnt. We’re using this as the main resource for learning Maths for Grade 1. In comparison the IXL website was much less child-friendly and very test-orientated.


The Mathseeds Program has 200 lessons in total. There are fifty for each level from Kindergarten to Grade Three.

1-50 Kindergarten

51-100 First Grade

101-150 Grade Two

151-200 Grade Three


Driving Tests

Grade 1

Numbers (24)

Operations (20)

Patterns & Fractions (14)

Geometry (19)

Data (16)

Measurement (19)

Grade 2

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