Quebec Education System



Homeschooling Reglations







Homeschooling is a right in Quebec, but has become more heavily restricted. Schooling is mandatory between ages 6 to 16 and you must register between those ages.


Nov 2017 – Bill 144

2018 Amendments

2019 Amendments

Deal with the DEM for homeschooling. Huge ratio of families per resource person.


1st July Homeschooling Notice

Sept 30 Learning Plan for English and French, compulsory subjects from Math, Science and Technology, Social Studies


Status and Mid Term Report (3 to 5 months after start of your year)

Status update is one line per subject

Mid term report is a couple of lines


Yearly Monitoring Meeting

Student must attend plus optional support person for parent.

May/June Completion Report

Summary of subjects and progress made


Exams start June 22

English schools have

grade 6 Math and English

grade 10 (sec 4) Math, Science, Social Studies

grade 11 (sec 5) English and French


In addition French schools have

French and Math in grades 4, 6, 8, 9



Quebec Education Plan (QEP)

Progression of Learning



Same curriculum as public schools – curriculum, textbooks and exams




An overview of the school levels


Official Quebec School Curriculum Guide





Canadian Curriculum List